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    At EO eBook Library, we take natural health and wellness seriously. There's so much misinformation out there about Essential Oils and how to use them. But you can purchase our eBooks with confidence: created in collaboration with compliance consultants at a leading Essential Oil company, our eBooks were written by active EO experts, health professionals, and experienced writers. That edge of knowledge and research means EO eBook Library is the trusted source for information when you want to avoid the medicine cabinet and reach for something natural instead.







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    Q&A for a Natural Wellness Lifestyle

    What Essential Oil Brand is represented in these Ebooks?

    Our Essential Oil eBooks are written with generic terms—no proprietary blend or product names—so that anyone can use and enjoy them. In addition to individual Essential Oils like Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, and others, we will recommend generic name Essential Oil blends and products that will vary by company. If you’re interested in these, just compare the blends or products mentioned with those available from your preferred Essential Oil company. So, whatever brand of Essential Oils you use, you can read any book in the EO eBook Library with complete confidence that you will find amazing tips, recipes, and information about how to use your favorite oils—and some that may be new to you—for all your health needs.

    Are you with dōTERRA or Young Living?

    No. EO eBooks represent all pure, therapeutic grade oils. We are not associated with any particular Essential Oil brand. Whether you're a fan of dōTERRA, Young Living, or another excellent Essential Oil brand, you'll be able to apply the Essential Oil tips, recipes, and ideas found in our eBooks with the oils you love.

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