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Essential Oil Recipes for Autumn

EO eBooks, Seasonal Series

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The fall-themed release, Essential Oil Recipes for Autumn is perfect for the cooler months after the end of Summer, overflowing with delightful recipes on a surprisingly wide variety of Autumn-themed topics:

  • Autumns Scents and Decor
  • Autumn Snacks and Drinks
  • Outdoor Bonfires
  • Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns
  • Autumn Cleaning and Cooking
  • Plus a lot more!

There are even tips for hunting season! You will love this one, and you’ll love all the many ways you can use a wide variety of Autumn-appropriate Essential Oils.

Only $7.97. Includes PDF, mobi (Kindle), ePub (Nook, and others) files.

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